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Learn how to use the Word of God Effectively!

God's Word does the Work!


Recent Sermons

English Audio

MP3 Audio - Idle Words. Is Your Mouth Working For God or Against God?

MP3 Audio - Words Determine Your Future - So Watch Your Words!

MP3 Audio - Perfect Love will Cast Out Fear

MP3 Audio - Forgiveness Without Resentment
is the Key to Building Your Faith

MP3 Audio - The Word Must Be Spoken to Work!

MP3 Audio - Faith Begins as a Seed
Just like everything in the Kingdom

MP3 Audio - How to Pray Effectively
How to be Heard by God!

MP3 Audio - How to Have to The Power to Forgive.
Forgiveness Opens the Power of God to Us!

Español y English
(We Preached this in Lima, Peru. Click here to see pictures!)
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Forgiveness without Resentment is The Key to the Power of God!


Scriptures and Outlines

The Beginnings of Faith
what is it and how do i get some more?

Angelic Help - We are not alone in our battle
We have to Speak God's Word to get angelic Help

Be Ye Imitators of God!
Tell me What to Imitate so I can!

and now....what makes boat run over here
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